Entry 005 -

Build 0.016

tl;dr Designing with code.

I took a bit of a visual leap forward this time around. I began implementing some front-end code based on my design that was hinted back in Entry 004. As per usual, my build is focused on the framework first. That’s why you won’t see any use of images; I’m testing layouts, and focusing on data organization.

In this build, I’ve developed a homepage that is separated from an alphabetized archive page. And also began early work on the detail page, which will eventually be the crown jewel of the site. I added a sticky navigation that hides on downward scroll, and displays on upward scroll, one of those fancy little things.

In addition to these visual additions, I’m continuously making enhancements to the site performance. Trimming off the fat.


That’s all for now, next cleaning up the data, making it look interesting and continuing with design. If you’d like to follow along, check back here or follow me on Twitter @johnchourajr.