Entry 001 —

Build 0.004

I’ve launched Coffee OC as a work-in-progress, and/or a public build-out. That roughly translates as: I am not going to build something behind the scenes and “launch” when I am done. I’m intending on committing code to the live site as I go. This process will be incremental, and the site will evolve over time.

This idea of building something in public has always been alluring to me. I want to see what happens when I allow a design vision to organically develop over time. Where-as if I were to design and build the site on my own, I would be building alone in a vacuum. So let’s see how this goes!

As it stands, I have made 0 .psd files, and have written a base framework to start things up. This is my current setup: I am using Amazon S3/Route 53 for hosting, Siteleaf for my CMS, Codekit for my preprocessors/minifying files, and Atom as my text editor.

The next step for me, is to keep building a directory of shops (if anyone has any suggestions for shops, fill out this form), and to start looking at what kind of data should exist on the coffee shop detail pages.


John Choura Jr.