Entry 002 -

Build 0.007

First things first, performance is a high priority to me in the build of this site. I wanted to make the page transitions silky-smooth, with some method of Ajax loading the pages. So I did the research, and committed some code just moments ago. I ended up using jquery.smoothState.js.

Now, you may notice that clicking between pages within the site is slick. Also if you scroll a ways down and again navigate within the site, you’ll be scrolled to the top first then the page will load. SmoothState.js and Ajax are loading pages in the background on the fly.


I also optimized some of my liquid layouts, reducing redundancy with more includes/shared layouts. I did this to accommodate for adding tags/taxonomy pages into the mix. For instance, if you go to an individual shop page, and find the tags at the bottom, you can click into those pages to see shops that share the same tag. The best one, for example, is the city of Costa Mesa, there are three shops there. This is where I’ll be engineering some of the magic into the site in the future, by relating shops together based on certain shared tags.


That’s all for now, next is maps. If you’d like to follow along, check back here or follow me on Twitter @johnchourajr.