Coffee OC is a directory of top-tier craft coffee shops and roasters in Orange County, California.

This site is a work-in-progress and is being designed/developed in public by John Choura Jr. Follow along by following @coffee_oc on Twitter.

If you have suggestions for coffee shops to be added to this directory, please fill out this form.

The Guidelines

The is a basic manifesto that shapes a set of principles with which a coffee shop is chosen to be listed on the Coffee OC directory.

  1. The shop serves coffee that is single origin and/or direct trade.
  2. The shop’s coffee beans are locally roasted in small batches.
  3. The shop serves espresso drinks at their correct sizes (macchiato’s at 3oz., cappuccino’s at 6oz., latte’s at 8oz., etc.).
  4. The shop labels a roast date on their coffee bags for sale.